Don’t let ADHD hinder your child’s future


Afraid of getting more calls from school about your child’s behaviour?

  •  Do you worry about your child’s future?
  •  Do you feel stressed by the day-to-day struggle with your child?
  • Do you frequently lose your patience with your child?
  •  Do you feel confused about what to do next?

We understand the fears plaguing most parents

Don’t have an official ADHD diagnosis?
We offer psycho-educational assessments for ADHD.

We are Dr. Presniak and Nicole McCance, moms of young children and Clinical Psychologists
. With over 25 years of combined experience, we use Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback to help treat our clients. When working with kids we use the most current scientific research and techniques to help you and your family create a treatment plan that will help you live with more ease.

10-week ADHD Brain Training Program

How We Help Your Child

  • Improve ability to focus and learn in school
  • Gain skills to improve attention, organization & emotional regulation
  •  Reduce hyperactive, disruptive behaviour
  • Decrease frustration in their day-to-day routine
  • Improve social skills to build confidence

How We Help Parents

  • Decrease your day-to-day stress through our parent coaching sessions
  • Learn techniques to parent your ADHD child more effectively
  • Learn how to reduce unwanted behaviour
  • Feel supported during your journey to a better future

How does it work?

The most effective approach to managing ADHD is combining ADHD Coaching Sessions with Brain Training Sessions

The program includes:

  • Pre-treatment package to better understand your child’s needs

  • Pre-treatment assessment to establish a baseline

  • 10 ADHD Coaching Sessions* (can be split between parent & child)

  • 20 Brain Training Sessions** (Neurofeedback) 2x per week for all ages

  • Post-treatment assessment to evaluate progress

  • Post-treatment plan to help your child sustain positive change

There’s hope for your child’s future.
Our Brain Training Program will  help your child feel happier
and live with more ease.
Contact and ask about more details