Couples Therapy


45 mins. – $136 (HST-exempt)

60 mins. – $170 (HST-exempt)

Navigating life's challenges together: Couples therapy for a resilient relationship.

Some of the conditions that I have successfully treated in the past include setting boundaries, improving communication, re-establishing trust, supporting newly married couples with the growing pains that come with living with one another for the first time, discussing separation agreements, recovering from narcissistic relationships, infidelity, re-establishing romance and sex in the relationship, and numerous others.

In the context of solutions-focused therapy, couples are encouraged to view struggles as opportunities for growth and positive change. Rather than focusing solely on the challenges, we explore the strengths and resources within the relationship that can be harnessed to overcome obstacles. By fostering a collaborative and solution-oriented approach, couples can tap into their inherent resilience, develop effective strategies, and create lasting solutions that lead to a more satisfying and harmonious partnership. Together, we work towards building a future where couples can thrive, leveraging their strengths and shared aspirations to navigate challenges and cultivate a relationship grounded in resilience and mutual support.