Therapy For Teens


45 mins. – $136 (HST-exempt)

60 mins. – $170 (HST-exempt)

Nurturing resilience and growth through therapy. Guiding teens towards inner strength, self-discovery, and a brighter future.

Some of the conditions that I have successfully treated in the past for teens include symptoms of anxiety, symptoms of depression, improving self-image, providing an explanation of what is and isn’t normal, challenging limiting beliefs, strategizing for ADHD symptoms, goal setting, coping skills for stress, developing communication skills, developing social skills, school issues (such as lack of attendance), and numerous others.

I take a unique approach to therapy for teens because everyone responds to questions and therapy differently. Typical therapy questions are sometimes avoided. Instead, we explore topics through a conversational manner, and through the use of stories and metaphors.

Through a solution-focused lens, we work together to uncover strengths, ignite potential, and create practical strategies for positive change.